Embedded software user help
When and where they need it

Our approach to embedding contextualized user help improves the entire user experience.
So we didn’t make just another documentation tool.

Focus on your product.
We help you do the rest.

Designed for people

We designed our content for edc using personas - so can you

agile specialist
Her agile methods don’t solve everything - remote teams, role silos, backlogs. What’s more, she worries about content.

edc for Deb
He can go fast,
but the content isn’t up to pace.
UX is not his thing,

edc for Hans
tech writer
You may not know Julie, but she does know about content strategy and understands users -actually she’s often the first user.

edc for Julie
product owner
Backlog, backlog, backlog.
He doesn't want to be disturbed.

edc for Manuel
the CEO
The buck stops here.
He wonders what he'll get out of all this.

edc for Jacob

Contextual content

Documentation shouldn’t deliver everything at once. Contextualizing means providing information only when needed and encouraging reading other content to learn more. edc helps you imagine information in a whole new way based on user personas to ensure the right content is designed for the right person.
write contextual help

It's easy

and we want it to stay that way

IDE connector

1. Plug it in

Developers create UI bricks-the DNA of your product. This is where users see content or your product triggers it.
deliver content with edc

2. Add the rest

Contributors use game strategy to stage information based on personas.
deliver content with edc

3. Make it available

Use a review process,
or just go live.