Creating personas

Creating personas requires using your imagination and cold, hard facts. Personas should be created based on careful research of your existing or future users.

Use the following guidelines to start creating personas:

  • A user group: this could be a product manager or CEO
  • A fictional name: give your persona a real name, such as Julie or Edward
  • Demographics: define a specific age and ethnic group to your persona
  • Job title and description: define this persona as an employee with a specific role
  • A Photo: select a photo to represent the persona
  • Attitudes: define the perspective of your persona in relation to your product
  • Pain points: describe the real or perceived needs of your persona that can be solved using your product
  • Goals: describe the outcomes your persona needs when using your product
  • Other: name, define and describe anything about your persona that is relevant to your product or their needs


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