Managing the life cycle in edc

The Life Cycle of an object follows a defined path in edc. How your organisation manages that path is to be decided.

When deciding how to manage the Life Cycle in a product, user roles must be considered. A user’s role determines what actions he can take in the Life Cycle.

The Life Cycle may be managed the same or differently for Contextualized UI Help verses Support Help. In either case, one decision is how to manage the review and publishing process.

Some questions to consider:

  • Who has the role of reviewer¬†(Contributor in edc) in the product?
  • Who makes the final decision on content and validates?
  • Who is authorised to publish?
  • Does publishing happen iteratively as new features are added? once a week? based on a long-term publishing schedule? (guess our recommendation on this one)
  • Does content need to be reviewed by a second person, or can a writer add a new feature and publish directly, speeding up the delivery process?


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