Creating User Journeys 
Personas as a means for mapping user experience for information delivery
Intelligent Information
What is Contextualization all About & Why is it so Important in Information 4.0?
Contextualize It
What is contextual information for modern software?
Drive Traffic
5 Steps to Create a Content Strategy that Drives Users to Your Software

How to Create a Content Strategy that Drives Traffic

Developing a content strategy is more than just organizing your content into categories. Your content strategy for online help should help users find the information they need. And that’s why keywords are important, even in your content strategy. Today, users are searching online help, documentation, customer support, before buying products. This is where building a […]

Preview UI Help Before You Publish

When we talk about user experience, we usually think of end users. But what about writers and developers who use software? At edc, we’re thinking about you. Now you can preview UI help before you publish, as you write. Certainly, we’ve thought of the end user experience. That’s why edc allows you to add contextual […]
the future of information and contextualization

Contextual information for software

There are a lot of variations in methods and terminology based on which technology does what, and it has evolved a lot. We talk about online help, context-sensitive help, contextualised help, targeted help, onboarding help, and many others. Some of the definitions are clear, some are linked to specific technologies. What we are seeing is […]
user personas

Personas: mapping user experience for information delivery

What are personas? A persona is a representation of a type of customer. Personas answer the question, “Who are we designing for?” and they help to align strategy and goals to specific user groups.You can begin by compiling everything you know about your customers and grouping your findings in a spreadsheet. You could use headings […]
intelligent information

Intelligent Information: contextualization & user experience

In the core definition of Information 4.0, information is molecular, autonomous and profiled. It is also ubiquitous in that it can be present everywhere or anywhere. Contextualization & user experience based on Information 4.0 principles are at the core of our design for edc. Information in this respect is no longer delivered but amalgamated into “compounds” […]

Is the Era of Big Doc Over?

At TECH’advantage we are software editors in the oil and gas industry. When we talk about Big Doc in this article we mean user-oriented documentation. This article is based on our experience over several decades. Our orientations driven in conjunction with our clients as they move to information infrastructures oriented towards Industry 4.0. The article explores what we […]
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