Contextualise you world with edc

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Contextualising is a new mindset

Context is not a new term. You have heard it so often before. For us, it's all about understanding the user's needs in a specific context. You can't deal with each user's needs, but you can develop useful personas. Some of ours are shown here. To contextualise effectively, two people need to interact, a developer and a writer. 

New and old roles

His involvement in contextualising is essential. He inserts our help connector into his code, but that's not where his role stops.
He can think about where to add content and explain features to Julie.
Working with Hans, she has a good idea about UI and features. That needs to be designed into concepts, procedures, how tos and user questions. Contextual help focuses on real-time needs.

Contextualising. So what is it?

First, it's about two new steps in writing

1. Write the first real useful information.
This will change the way you work. You'll write molecular content.
2. Think about where to take a user next.
Well here we are; you have turned into a journey designer, and you're now able to consider the user experience as he uses your content.

Then, you'll realise you need to map the journey

It's is not about features. It's about methodology around edc.  You'll spend more time mapping and less time writing. This is a good thing in the long run. Come talk to us and see why.

What you can do when you drop by our booth

  • See a demo, of┬ácourse, but not just that.
  • See how easy it is to plug help into software.
  • Talk about what contextualising means.
  • Learn about molecular content.
  • See what support and onboarding we provide.
  • Talk to us about journey mapping in content.
  • Check out the developer resources.
  • Talk technical - and we'll talk added value.
  • Just have a coffee and say hello.

Check if we have the missing piece

We need your feedback.
Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.

Test drive edc

Visit our booth and set up your trial.

Our Commitment.

User experience first

Your adventure with us is important. We make this product a success together.

Improve your methods

It's not just about features but helping you improve your results.

Anticipate and adapt to the changes in our information industry

We all  to stay ahead of the game. This is why we are so involved in Information 4.0.

Keep it simple

edc needs to stay simple to provide the solutions that allow fast turn around, production and feedback.

Encourage collaboration

Breaking down traditional barriers and silos in software development is what we are about. We'll help you do this.


Innovation needs to have a tangible objective. We look for the advantage in technology first.

Who will you meet there?

Andy McDonald
Emmanuel Dreyfuss
Toni Ressaire
Ray Gallon
@ 2017