easy doc contents for software editors

edc delivers user-oriented documentation to software products by connecting it to the user interface. But it doesn’t stop there. It is built on decades of experience in software user-oriented documentation integrating the best of modern content management features and agile methods with an architecture founded on DITA. Your documentation can be agile even if you don’t use agility for development.


edc is a documentation contents strategy management system

It goes beyond any CMS that manages user-oriented documentation. edc introduces content strategy mangement to help decide when and why to produce documentation.It also manages images, links, version, translation and user feedback…

Building documentation by topics is done by layer, from the ground up

edc builds documentation from the ground up

This methodology is based on the best of DITA. Your are helped all along the way. We make documentation production inuitive.In-situ documentation is the starting block, which you then add to as required, with concepts and workflows.

All stakeholders can participate in contents

edc allows all stakeholders to participate

User documentation production is now collaborative. All stakeholders, developers, writers, support teams and product owners share the same ambition – improving user experience. Results are visible on the fly, so rapid review is facilitated.

edc – your blueprint for modern documentation

Start immediately

Simple methodology

Contextualized in-situ doc first

Then additional documentation

Review and validate

Publish directly to your product

Designed for software editors