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Documation 2017 - Paris, France - 29 -30 March


Paperless office, Document Management, Content Management, Electronic storage, Customer Communication-Desktop Publishing
Digital Trust
Collaborative, Entreprise Social Network
Knowledge Management, Data Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Big Data
Stand 2.2-B29

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Documation is our major showcase event.  
All you need is 10 minutes to see what edc changes for the life of your software product.
Stop by and have a coffee with us and let us know what you think.

Information 4.0 - if you're not in, you're out

TECH'advantage and Adobe are the two keys sponsors of the Information 4.0 track at Documation.

Our conferences in this track deal with:

Information 4.0: State of the Art
Where are we at in defining the vision, the model and where do we need to go next.

Round table: How will Information 4.0 impact responsibility in information creation
What does valid mean in Information 4.0? Hw far will our responsibility go in a world where most of the information will be distributed, even created by robots. Where are the governing ethics? Will cognitive AI someday take over or how do we make sure we stay in control?

Information Energy 2017 - Utrecht, Holland - 17 - 18 May

Information Energy is the annual gathering of information professionals taking place in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The main focus of the event will be on the future organisation of information and its use in the context of Industry 4.0.
The conference is targeted at professionals in the field of content, information management, technical documentation, and more.

Four main tracks are organised at Information Energy this year:
- Track 1: From structured content to intelligent information
Track 2: Design thinking and content automation
Track 3: Information 4.0 - the next steps
Track 4: Strategic Information Management
Track 5: Technical writing practices

Personas and their context

At Information Energy, we are among the drivers of the Information 4.0 track. The principles of molecularity as we define in Information 4.0 are at the heart of our product design.

Come see why.

Molecularity and ubiquity

This is part of dealing with information, robots and self learning systems in the near future.

Join in or you may get left out.