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TCWorld 2017 - Stuttgart, Germany- 24 - 26 October

Context & Contextualising and Why We Need it in Information 4.0

Thu 09:00 - 09:45
Andy McDonald
As mobile devices become fine-grained context sensors, powered by artificial intelligence, we will see information offers become more targeted to individual personas, and more volatile. This requires delivery systems that are much more nimble than the systems we have today, and requires molecular information development.In this presentation, we'll examine how the technology affects the idea of contextuality, and the role of information specialists in shaping the informational offer. It will undoubtedly raise more questions than it answers.
TCWorld edc information 4.0
At TCWorld, we are among the drivers of the Information 4.0 track. The principles of molecularity as we define in Information 4.0 are at the heart of the edc product design.

Come see why. Meet us in Struttgart. 

Information Energy 2018 - Amsterdam, 1 - 2 March

Information Energy: Empowering Intelligent Technologies

Information Energy aims to create a community of information professionals facing the challenges of the future. It is intended to help among others: bridge the gap between technical documentation, marketing and content departments, show the need for tools and innovative techniques but also the importance of new insights, creativity and vision.

Building natural conversations between humans and machines

So, what will the organization of information in the future and its use in the context of Industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence look like? What this all means for you, for your work and what you can do to contribute?

This year's theme is focused on how information developers can build natural conversations between humans and machines. 

With edc as a tool, humans design information to be used by machines and understood by other humans. Come see us at Information Energy to learn how edc helps you develop natural conversations.

Documation 2018 - Paris,  March


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Contextualise your world

Documation is our major showcase event.  
All you need is 10 minutes to see what edc changes for the life of your software product.
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Information 4.0 - if you're not in, you're out

TECH'advantage and Adobe are the two keys sponsors of the Information 4.0 track at Documation.

Information 4.0: Conferences TBA
Where are we at in defining the vision, the model and where do we need to go next.