edc features

A new approach to content design

edc is SAAS software to help developers, content writers, product owners deliver product and content

developer backend

edc provides an IDE plugin for developers to map user bricks for content. We deliver the technology layer to enable connection.

edc editor

The edc editor allows contributes to create modular content and map it to articles. Add images, links, video, plus a whole lot more. 


Content is delivered directly to your software in a few simple steps. 

Features for building content

Design comments
Anyone can add comments to any article throughout the production cycle.
Life cycle management and validation
We made it as easy as possible: edit, finished and validated. Anyone on your team can have the role of validator. Or publish immediately and allow everyone to see live content throughout the production cycle.
Information mapping
Write Q&A, Procedures, How-tos...everything users need...just easier.
Topic-based content
Standardized topic types help contributors exactly what type of content is needed.
Image bank
Each product and version has its own set of images. 
Links are at the heart of building staged content. Links promote progressive discovery and can be reused anywhere.
User Configuration
Manage your team in edc. Add and remove users. Assign roles.
Products and versions
Manage product versions. Copy content to new versions, or start fresh. All versions are saved.
Mathematical equations
edc supports mathematical equations right in the editor.

User roles in edc

User roles are hierarchical and can be cumulated. Users can have more than one role.

Storehouse manager
Create and manage products, versions and users.
Product manager
Plans content strategy and oversees, validates and publishes content.
Writers and contributors
Create content, review and add comments.
Create connection information for UI brick and have access to content throughout the process.