Designed for product owners

Managing and eliminating backlog is a preoccupation.
Your product success is based on a combination of features and content.

You want to eliminate backlog, manage the agile process, and facilitate collaboration.

Develop content and features in parallel

edc won’t remove your backlog, but it will help you manage content and features as they are released.
With edc, content is part of the product development process.

Onboard users

The old way of managing content was for contributors to write Getting Started docs and long training manuals... after developers delivered a product.
edc allows you to change all that; developers create bricks for the UI, and the writer adds the content.
It’s that simple.
create a brick
Onbaording replaces getting started manuals
publishing onboarding
1. Create a Brick
Writers and developers imagine events andcontexts that trigger information the users needs at any given moment. Developers create bricks for the UI.
2. Add Content
Writers create onboarding in the edc editor based on triggers and connect content to bricks.
3. Publish
Publish immediately or use your internal review process to add comments and edits. Don’t worry, edc has its own onboarding that shows you just what to do, where, and when.
design content

Bring teams together

edc is about people working together in their various roles. You are the key link between product development, contributors, and other stakeholders.

edc facilitates writers and developers working together. It also let's you see content live in the end product and work with content contributors to make sure it is the best fit.

Your role in content strategy is important

As product owner, you are concerned with overall content matrix. You sign off  on content (validation).
You provide concepts, explanations and an overview of the product. You can point writers to your milestones, release notes or other planning docs.
deliver onboarding content

Deliver content and product at the same time

Writers can deliver content to the product at any point in the development cycle. Developers see it early and can even check it. You no longer need to handle negotiation between writers and developers.

Of course, edc has its own review and validation cycle, if your strategy calls for it. And you can use it to QC contents during its production phase.

edc allows you to become a lot more agile by having content created as soon as features become available.

Help other contributors become agile

Content contributors and writers need to become agile in the way they work. You have a key role to play in this change.
You can integrate them into current scrums or manage a parallel agile track to help the work with your current team.
deliver onboarding content