New Features & Development Roadmap

Our developers are improving edc every day based on customer feedback. Here's what we're working on. 

New Features

  • Preview embedded software contextual content popover.
  • Reuse molecular content from one article in another article.
  • Design the look & feel of your online support site.
  • (planning)

Coming Soon

  • Design the look & feel of your online support site.

Recent Improvements

  • Customize your content strategy categories for online help.
  • Add external links from inside embedded and online help.
  • New Glossary definition pops over content on hover or click!
  • New Product tab added to User Profile tab.
  • Added a processing window when you want to delete a product.
  • Better workflow for life cycle and locking down an approved article.
  • User now gets a message when a text field can not be edited. And sometimes we tell them why.
  • And if a text field is mandatory, edc¬†tells you that too.

Eliminated these software bugs

Why can't I drag and drop small images?
When I copy a product, I can't tell when it is finished making the copy.
Can't enter text into text fields while publishing when using Firefox browser.
The embedded contextualized help popover won't close.
Article Type can't be edited when using Safari browser. 
It's really annoying to get 2 duplicate emails when I click Forgot Password!

Test drive edc

It's free to try the edc demo. Find out how easy it is to embed contextualize help for your software.