Creating User Journeys 
Personas as a means for mapping user experience for information delivery
Intelligent Information
What is Contextualization all About & Why is it so Important in Information 4.0?
Contextualize It
What is contextual information for modern software?
Drive Traffic
5 Steps to Create a Content Strategy that Drives Users to Your Software
create a context strategy. All users are not created equal.

Create a Context Strategy

Planning content for embedded software help requires more than a content strategy; you need a context strategy. Plan the entire user experience, taking into account the context of users. Let’s look at how we create a context strategy at edc. We’ll use a real software example, define personas, and create a context strategy that includes […]
Think Agile

Molecular Content: Reusing Information Particles

We all remember studying molecules in school. It’s the smallest particle of a chemical compound that can take part in a chemical reaction. When we think about how information is used today, molecular content is key to feeding information to devices that can create compounds of information. Ok, that sounds rather complex. But in reality, […]
embed faq in software

Improve User Experience: Embed FAQ in Software

Imagine your users accessing FAQ for your software product right inside the interface. No more searching online documentation for answers to frequently asked questions. For those questions that are so common, shouldn’t they be easy to find? You improve the user experience when you embed FAQ in software. Embed FAQ in Twitter Let’s use a popular […]
5 embedded help examples

5 Embedded Help Examples

If you think improving customer experience using embedded help is limited to tooltips, think again. Here we show you 5 embedded help examples that you may not have considered. Mailchimp is a brand that is famous for thinking outside the box. We found 5 great examples of embedded content in this web-based email marketing software. At least […]
design personalised user content context authentication

Using Access Management (Authentication) to Design Personalised User Content

When you store user data based on logins to your software, you’re in a position to dive deeper into contextual embedded help. User data can drive your embedded content, providing more relevant information for each user. In this article, we’ll talk about using data derived from authenticated users to design personalised user content. Authentication refers […]
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