Designed to streamline support & cost

Your real world concerns are about user success and support-time reduction.

Satisfied users are your product ambassadors.

Content ready with your product release

The goal of edc is getting adequate content ready in time for release, not afterwards, as is the case in older documentation processes.

While this may not reduce costs significantly, it will be a factor in user satisfaction.

Reduce support time

Writing content in edc requires writers and contributors to anticipate support needs and to cater to post-release issues.

Content is provided as part of your existing support portal with each release, or in real time. This promotes user self-help and is easily accessible from contextual help or onboarding in your product.

Onboarding reduces training

Our onboarding strategy is designed to reduce basic training needs by anticipating user needs as they begin to use a product and as they become more advanced users.

The future of content is user feedback and contribution

Your users can provide contents and feedback and even suggest improvements from within your product. Motivated users will do a lot of work for you.

User know-how and expertise can be fed back into your current product.

Analytics... and beyond

Analytics and user stats allow decisions on what should be updated and when, and even what should be removed.

Get there faster and more efficiently

And while we can’t promise to reduce your support costs, we can help your teams build information that provides users the right information at the right time.
Contextual help and embedded onboarding are keys to user success and your support bottom line.

Build better products faster

edc helps your teams work collaborative to build better products faster.