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User help for software publishers

A collaborative platform

Designed for software deveopers, edc is a collaborative platform that lets you easily create and publish your user help in your application.


Contextualize your content

Easily create contextualized user help in your software and give your users the key information they need, where and when they need it.

Using successive levels of detail, your users no longer need to look for information. It’s right where they need it, and they can dig deeper from there.


Collaborate and synchronize

Designed by a software editor for software editors, edc lets you synchronize development with writing the user help.

Say farewell to silos between software updates and the user help, now the entier team can pitch in to create content.

Developers, technical writers and managers work together, each at their own level, to build both the product and the user help at the same time.


Follow and validate at every step

Creating, updating, commenting and validating are the life blood of both the development and documentation cycle.

Thanks to our product life cycle, you can follow the progress of the user help in real time, and you can be sure of what you are publishing.


Structurer, hiérarchiser & décomposer votre contenu

Define your editorial architecture with various levels of detail, from the highest to the most molecular.

Easily aggregate your content in a share, homogeneous structure.


Only write once and reuse.

To streamline updates, harmonize and share information, you can reuse common or recurring content.

Your content is no longer a monolith, it’s made of information molecules, assembled by you as you need.


Manage several languages

Language is no longer a barrier for your products and your users.

You manage the user help and its translations in the same project .

With one simple publishing step, your user help is available in your application, in all its languages.


Publish in a few clicks

Publish your content in just a few minutes, and your user help appears directly in your application.


All technologies welcome

To link the contextualized help to your application, you only need the free edc plugin that fits your technology.

Just add a few lines of code , edc takes care of the rest for you.

How do I integrate edc?

Easy-to-implement embedded user help for your application