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When you’re a tech writer…

Like Julie, you job is to design the user help documentation. Structure, level of detail, relevance, best access point… You think about the end user first and foremost.

Your role is essential!

You’re often the very firstuser of new features. Your opinion and your feedback matter.

And yet, Julie spends her time waiting for development to progress enough for her to start creating content. This is a waste of her time, forcing her to often intervene to late to give her feedback as a user.


  • Developers give her the user help access points in the UI as they are created.
  • Julie writes the content during development
  • Working closely with the dev team, she can start collaborating with developers and designers early on during the life cycle of the product. Her work is now agile
  • Everyone benefits from her feedback, improving the product and the user experience without having to push back deadlines.
  • Say goodbye to missed deadlines, the sofware and the user help are ready to ship at the same time

Features designed for Julie

Content contextualization in your software

Content reuse and sharing

Multi-language management

Notifications and comments to write in real time

Editorial architecture creation and level of detail management

Glossary management


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