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Take pressure off the hotline

Help both your teams and your users

Find information without having to ask

Our integration strategy is designed to reduce the need for training and support. It anticipates user questions when and where they are likely to be asked

With edc, your application answers user questions when and where they come up.

Your users no longer need to leave your application and sift through massive user help manuals or FAQs to find a small piece of information that’s lost in the crowd.

You define the user help entry points directly in the interface of your product, while preserving is architecture and ergonomy. The embedded, contextualized help appears only where needed to help your users.

They can access targeted explanations on demand. Successive levels of detail help them better understand how to ease each feature, window, button or table.

Thanks to edc, you can do all this simply and quickly, with no lengthy and expensive new development.

Reduce the need for support and improve the experience for users of all levels of proficiency