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Embedded software user help

Insert user help in your software easily and quickly. You users can find the information they need when they need it, where they need it

More than a simple documentation tool

Our approach improves the whole user experience.

With edc, your software documentation is contextualized. It adds tangible value to your product.
Since edc is a collaborative platform, your team is now ready to work together.

Development and documentation progress together and make for a complete product.

Synchronize software development and user help creation.

Create contextualized user help, ready to be inserted into your product.

Developers, technical writers and managers can easily collaborate.

Structure and prioritize your user help content.

Designed by and for software publishers

A collaborative platform

Developers, technical writers and managers work hand in hand to create the product and its user help in tandem, each at their own level.



With edc, Hans creates contextual user help entry points while coding.


Technical Writer

With edc, Julie can follow the interfaces to be documented as they are created.


Product manager

With edc, Julie and Hans’ collaboration synchronizes development and user help created, making content validation and product delivery smoother for Manuel.


Promoting collaboration during the software development process lead to a better experience for your customers.

For you

Save time & increase efficiency by synchronizing development and documentation.

Simplify user help writing, proofreading, validation and publishing.
Reduce the need for customer support by easing the learning curve of your software.

For your users

Target access by using contextualized content : your customers don’t need to look for information, it’s right where they need it when they need it.
Make your software easier to use : reduce friction points, guide the users through their workflows and teach them about even the most advanced features.
Enhance the user experience : your customers can browse your application more intuitively and fluidly, and they can find answers to all their questions.
Your Software with edc