edc - easydoccontents

A collaborative platform designed for developers

To contextualize content, it all starts with them

When you’re a developer…

Like Hans, documentation isn’t exactly high in your list of priorities. Coding is what matters!

And yet, your role is crucial!

Contextualized user help cannot exist without you.

You are the link between the product UI and the content.

Most UI elements can have embedded content: windows, tabs, tables, wizards…


  • Hans can create contextualized user help items in just a few seconds
  • Contributors and tech writers can do their job while you’re still developing.
  • Nobody knows the product better than Hans: he can see how the user help is coming along and give feedback and expertise… if he wants to
  • Working closely with writers, he can optimize the events and contexts that trigger the delivery of information the users need
  • Say goodbye to missed deadlines, the sofware and the user help are ready to ship at the same time

Features designed for Hans

Free plugin adapted to your tech

1 line of code to contextualize

Simplified publication for quick quality control

Notifications and comments to interact


We help you implement edc and your documentation project every step of the way