edc - easydoccontents

A collaborative platform designed for managers

Drive development and content creation synergistically

When you’re a product manager…

Like Manuel, you want to reduce your backlog, manage agile processes and promote collaboration. Your product’s success depends on a mix of features and content.

Your role in the content strategy is essential!

You are the main link between the product develoment, contributors and other stakeholders. You approve and validate.

Managing (often with a time gap) the coherence of the dev cycle, the relevance of the content and a variety of partners is time consuming and expensive! Not very efficient…

You worry about the impact on your customers.


  • The user hep content is part of the product development process
  • You facilitate collaboration between developers and tech writers, and you capitalize on their expertise
  • You follow, comment on and approve new content in real time… You have a 360° view of the living content matrix
  • You become more agile by creating user help content as soon as the documented feature is available
  • In just a few seconds, you publish the content, whenever you want: the contextualized user help follows the update schedule and your user’s needs
  • Your users can browse a more intuitive, more fluid application that answerstheir questions
  • Say goodbye to missed deadlines, the sofware and the user help are ready to ship at the same time

Features designed for Manuel

A platform designed to encourage collaboration

A dashboard to track progress

Validation cycles

Quick publication in a few clicks


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