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Work collaboratively

Break down silos to build a better product

Development and content are now part of the same product strategy

Break down silos and put content back in the process


“My job is to code, not to write user help.”


Developers create embedded user help entries while coding.

Product manager

“I don’t have time to manage both developments and documentation.”


Collaboration lets you unite the writing and development cycles. Validation and delivery are simplified.

Technical writer

“I have to wait for the development to end before I can start writing.”


Tech writers can follow the creation of new interfaces to be documented as they happen.

One for all, all for one

Improve the visibility of everyone’s role in the overall production process.

Think content and features

Your product is a mix of features and content. A good feature is also a well-explained feature, it supports and guides the user. By designing both at the same time, you put the user first.

Anticipate content

Truly agile processes allow for great cooperation between content specialists and developers.

Both have to work together to understand where embedding user help would be useful, and how this help impacts the user’s perpection of the product.

Design user support

Technical writers are used to working with silos, but only because they are usually only called upon once the development phase is over.

When they work using the same version planning as developers, they can create a content strategy that enhances the user experience instead of just describing features.