Designed for agile teams

You need to improve efficiency in your team’s agile methods.
It all comes down to breaking down silos.

Content and feature development are part of the same product strategy

You can promote working across boundaries to get user-oriented content produced in parallel with feature development.

Developers and writers can work together to build contextual help and to co-design the onboarding experience.

With edc, change the way people see their role in the big picture

Break down silos

edc is about breaking down silos. A true agile process brings all players together in product development.

Put content back into the process

edc lets you empower all content contributors and stakeholders and put the right kind of content in place. You can monitor this process as it advances.
Jacob, our CEO

Business drives strategy

Client and user success drive product success. Content and features are part of a coherent product strategy. Sometimes one takes precedence over the other. This is where agile becomes even more lean and nimble. User success doesn't just happen; it has to be planned.
Manuel, our product owner

Integrate content into releases

Helping your product owner understand the importance of content in a release plan is essential. This will  cater for user needs through a mix of content and features and prioritize in terms of market and not product features.
Hans, our developer

Plan for content

True agile processes achieve great cooperation between content specialists and agile developers. Having the two working together is important for understanding where contextualized helps matters and how onboarding changes user success.
Julie, our technical writer

Design for journeys

Tech writers are used to working in a silo, simply because they have been called into play after development is finished. When they work in the same release plan as developers they strategize content for better user experiences, instead of just describing features.